Christine Varniére

What is algeratura?

O Algeratura, a reading and writing software package including four modules, points out new ways for a creative use of the computer in the language area. Algeratura is a student-oriented software using the concepts of simulation and experimentation. The main objectives of the Algeratura can be resumed in three points:

-to reveal to the student the possibilities of communication of a language

-to stimulate the creative capacities of the student

-to help him in his production

The package has been conceived as a tool to be used in the classroom for the teacher and the students to work together.

Algeratura exploits the language combinatory structure to offer its user, i.e., who learns the language, an experimental field where he has the power to produce several compositions.

Algeratura is not a knowledge-base checking the linguistic pertinence of the child's productions. On one hand, it tends to sensibilize the student to some special points of the grammatical and/or narrative structures. Allowing the user to test different expressions non-currently produced (not for being incorrect, but for being out of the limits of the current use), it permits the student to discover the extent of the language possibilities and to enlarge his expression means.

O Algeratura exists in DOS version since 1991, this demonstration will present two modules in their new version in WINDOWS 3.1: o Gerador de Contos (the story maker) which permits several different readings of a same story, and the Algoritmo de Matthews that sensiblize the user to the organization of a text (mainly poems).

O gerador de contos

O gerador de Contos (the story maker) is a software using a ternary tree structure to build several versions of a story from a same set of paragraphs. To do so, each base unit of a narration is composed of the following elements:

-the text of the unit (the paragraph)

-a question aimed to give an orientation to the following of the story

-three answers for the reader to make his choice

-a drawing to illustrate the paragraph

In this way, in the reading option, the reader chooses at each paragraph to follow the way that suits him the most at the moment, each reading being different from the other one.

In the writing option, the writer doesn't have any more to write several pages to build his story. He can just write a few paragraphs, link them together, and write some other ones later on.

O algoritmo de Matthews

O algoritmo de Matthews is a software which objective is to sensibilize the student to the organization of a poem or a text allowing him to test and choose the place of each element.

Each text is composed of five groups (5 strophes) of five elements (5 verses) that the user can move one by one or by group to experiment the different possible organization till he finds the best one.