SnapShots of the 3D Sound Virtual Environment
This screen allows children to select the input device, to create a logging file in order to register the acctions of the children, to select the degree of complexity of the hyperstory, and other options given by the environment.
The system is ready for running, to start the children have to hit the space bar
When the hyperstory begins in the rectangule below appears the elements of the hyperstory, in this case there are bullets that are to the right. To lift them children have to press "K".
Here a monster appears to the left, to eliminate it the chidren have to press "H" three consecutive times
This is a help screen to assist with the description of the software. To the right, children can ear the associate sounds of the environment

Listen the sound of some elements of the hyperstory: 

[recoger balas] [tocar la puerta] [abrir la puerta] [mounstro] [destruiste la nave]

A map of the environment presenting the distribution of corridors with entities and elements of the hyperstory