Read the Jury Motivation on Winning Projects 

Category No. 3 - Health and Quality of Life had 70 projects submitted. The Jury selected 10 finalists, and two joint winners. 

The first winner is "Hyperstories for Blind Children" from Chile

This most innovative project open a path for disadvantaged blind children to enjoy the benefits made possible by the new technologies. By so doing, it addresses the heart of the problem of creating an inclusive information society, revealing that the central issues are the willingness and ingenuity to provide solutions that give impaired citizens the opportunity to learn and join the information society. Today, most visual tools tend to exclude visually impaired children and particularly the economically disadvantaged blind children. This is where "Hyperstories for Blind Children" makes a superb contribution. It addresses the key issues in a creative and cost effective way, introducing blind children to the information society by developing their cognitive, knowledge and entertainment experiences.