Logging Actual Use Study



We recorded the child’s interaction a logging file to study the progress through subsequent sessions. The file log captures each event –user event or system event. With an ad-hoc analysis tool we study variables such as the decreasing of time localization through sessions, error rate and pattern of interaction. As we have described, the virtual environment includes a main corridor with two divergent second corridors. To simplify the graphs we show only some interactions that happened in the main corridor. The child can perform and receive events from three different surrounding voxels labeled as left, middle, and right. In the following figures, each icon represents an event. The small box located in the upper left side of each icon is different grayed to indicate the class of the event.


Fig. Above, the child´s surrounding voxels drawed on the picture. Below, trace of the first interaction with the audio virtual environment.


A. There are almost twenty seconds without user activity, may be the child is confused.

B. A box of bullets is encountered. The child tries pick up the bullet box in the wrong voxel

C. The same pattern of B is displayed. The child cannot localize accurately the representative sound.

D. With a few steps the child arrives to the first door.

E. The child tries to open the door after 5 seconds. The first try was made in the wrong voxel


Fig. After some training the child is able to pick up the objects almost immediately without errors. Notice that to reach to the end of the corridor the child took only 25 seconds instead of more than 60 seconds in the first try –displayed in fig.7-.

Fig. Trace of the pattern of interaction to reach the end of the main corridor. At the end, the child encounters the final goal -the center of the flying source-.

A. The child localizes the box of bullets and picks it up without errors

B. The child fails to detect the position of the door. After some tries he can open the door

C. A monster appears and the child fails the shooting pointing a wrong voxel. Then he fixes his error and destroys the monster after three shots

D. The child opens the last door of the main corridor

E. The mutant appears and moves from voxel to voxel after some seconds. Then the child destroys it

F. The child arrives to the end of the main corridor and destroys the center of the flying source



Fig. Icons used in the logging analysis